Older versions of AOL Desktop will be discontinued

As you know AOL Desktop software is being terminated and the active users of this application will be suffered a lot after this change. If you too are an active user of AOL Desktop then you will certainly need to know how to fix this issue. For putting an end to this issue the best thing would be to call an AOL customer support number and to take help from the techies out there.

Many users have a lot of questions regarding the discontinuation of AOL Desktop. These are as follows:-

•    Can I Access My Emails?

Well, definitely not! You can access your emails once you choose to use a recommended option for your OS & internet connection speed.

•    Can I Get Back My Old Contacts?

No! You will find all your contacts intact if you happen to select a recommended option

•    Will the Desktop be uninstalled from my PC?

No, it won’t be uninstalled automatically until you uninstall it. However, you can’t access it once it is discontinued.

The users who tend to become stressed due to this technical conflict are not required to take more stress as they can do the following to fix this issue:-

•    Accessing AOL Email with the help of Another Browser

If a web browser is installed on the computer such as Chrome or Firefox then you will be able to access your AOL mail. For that you need to use the steps below:-

    First, open your browser

    Now visit mail.aol.ca

    After sign into your account


•    Accessing AOL Mail Using the Mobile App

The AOL app can be easily installed on any of the mobile devices including tablets as well as mobile phones. Just download as well as install the app & then you can use AOL mail through the instructions below:

o    First, open your AOL app

o    After that tap on this mail icon

o    Finally, log into your email account

However if you are not acquainted with the above-mentioned steps and can’t apply them on your own, then calling our AOL Gold Software will be of much value to you. Once you call us, you will be offered the fastest resolution for your issues from our side.

Hence just leave all your worries and call our customer support number immediately.